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  • Gekkii Gaming

    BULLSHIT BULLSHIT PREVIEW. Can I ask how much fucking powerups Universe 6 is getting? And WTF? Where the fuck do the fusion earring things come from? I swear Grand Priest said no fucking items? So WTF?

    • zen chan but actually bardock

      i looks cool so its fine.

    • HolyCrap

      It’s amazing how hard people rage about there being opposition for Goku. Goku must win without resistance or I will whine and cry about it so everyone can see how mad a cartoon makes me! If Goku won every fight without a challenge, it wouldn’t be worth watching.

  • SEAN

    fuck all this bull shit no items whet do they get about NO ITEMS

    • Grommalom

      If that were true, clothing and footwear would be banned as well. Actually they are pretty clear on the rules, no healing items or weapons. Roshi’s containment bottle was merely a supplement to the containment wave, so it relied more on the skill of the user rather than the bottle itself, even though it was decided that the technique was safe simply because it looked cool. Potara earrings are not a healing item or a weapon. You can argue all day about whether or not the potara fusion gives you an added power boost on top of combining the wearers power levels but nobody actually has an answer to that so it’s useless speculating. If it turns out that the potara fusion doesn’t break the rules, it’s probably safe to assume that the earrings do not actually grant an additional power boost on top of combining the wearers power levels. Unless the Zenos give another stupid reason like “it looks cool.”

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  • Migglelopadoyeffrinon

    Jiren is going to win and wish all universes back including his own which was erased by Zeno long ago. Kafla is going to go Super Saiyan 4 as a tribute to GT. You’re welcome for the exclusive spoilers.

    • Grommalom

      The universe 6 Saiyans don’t have tails. But the transformation won’t be the same as in GT, not completely because they’ll skip the ape transformation process. And that is true about Jiren, he survived Zeno erasing his universe, escaped to 11 and formed the Pride Troopers.

      • Sohan m

        Do you know how retarded you sound? When universe 10 was destroyed Obuni’s pendant with his family pic was destroyed too. If zeno destroys something EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE are erased. So how exactly did Jiren survive?

        • He’ a 4-dimensional being, as clearly seen when he was able to move inside Hit’s Time-Cage. I think he simply passed through the 4th dimension (time) to get to Universe 11 BEFORE it was fully destroyed. Since Jiren is a 4-dimensional being, I wouldn’t be surprised if he could sense is universe’s destruction and made his escape in time.

      • Joey Ngambo


    • DezDragons

      If this is true, ill find ur ip i will find you and kill you : |

    • Mathew Metcalf

      need a tail so your wrong

    • Joey Ngambo

      Why would they call back to something that was so disliked?

      • infamous82997

        gt may have been disliked, but the ssj4 transformation was a favorite

      • Kil’jaeden

        No one disliked SSJ4. It was most badass form… is showed speed and speed.

        • Joey Ngambo

          I know. I was referring to GT the sjow, not ssj4 (i like it too)

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    • Matthew Longden

      god that website is shite.

    • Tim Urban

      Both sites have the same player/sources, you moron. Stop promoting your streaming site on other streaming sites. It’s pathetic.

      • Jimmy of England

        Stfu you actually can’t tell him what to do or what not to do. If you don’t like it then I suggest you stop crying or gtfo you child. Grow up.

        • ChaosInfuago

          Well someone seems enjoy shit talking through the internet XD

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    is 114 coming up today?

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    episode 114 is launching today???

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    no episode 114?? 🙁

  • mdr

    no episode 114?

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    why do i hear no sound on the live stream

    • Fixed

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        nope i have still no sound

        • A van der Meulen

          got sound now

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    I don’t hear anything either?

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    When does the 114 come out?

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    this livestream was stolen from saiyintv
    going to fuck with ur ad provider for blocking me

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    When it’s come sub in English!!!

  • Robert See

    Where are the subtitles?

  • Jeff

    Anyone know the end credits song title?

    • Dexter Fox
      • Jeff

        Heya thx! couldnt see it at first since its not avail in the states but just used a vpn to see it.

        • 😀

        • rrebeli

          lmao you dont need vpn, use a proxy addon, foxyproxy for firefox or proxflow for chrome, vpn makes your internet speed very slow

          • Jeff

            Thx for the heads up. Speed was good to watch the video. I use the vpn for other things as well 😛

  • C

    you guys forgot to upload the subtitle overlay….

  • C

    you guys forgot the subtitle overlay…

  • 🙁 no noooo noooooo , I liked them separately

  • JiNx

    all i want to do is watch this episode but it has no subtitles why

  • ohllamabanana

    I hate this shitty character. I cannot wait for this fight to end. Goku is just using them as fodder to regain energy and train at the same time.

    • Khalifa

      Yeah man me too, goku needs to finish them of asap

    • DS

      Oh cry me a river. Theyre not fodder dingus. clearly it took jiren to stop kales rampage last time. He did it exactly like he eliminated hit. It shows shes not useless and her power should not be taken lightly. Quit being butthurt. Its a show. Dont like it. leave simple

      • FearTheSponge

        Kale is around ssj2 level realistically, that said that’s ssj2 current goku, arcs ago (years of training ago in verse since time chamber) vegeta defeated ssj3 gotenks in the most effortless way possible, so these saya-jin are strong.

        • IronicTwist

          Goten and Trunks haven’t trained all these years though.

          • Nitin Rajagopal

            They haven’t grown in all these years😖. The show forgot them.

          • Joey Ngambo


          • Yep, and we know that even quite strong Sayians can become weak with no training. Look at Gohan in Frieza Ressurection arc. This was quite pathetic as for someone who was main character of Cell Games arc.

          • FearTheSponge

            Yeah they were training some, overall they were stronger than when they fought buu, vegeta was just that much stronger (well his equal clone in base)
            The fact is that base universe 6 saya-jin > ssj gotenks easily

        • Aaron Soldier

          Vegeta by logical standards should be dead, but you know the Vegeta fanboys are the reason hes alive

          • FearTheSponge

            But that’s narrative and not power scale.

      • Vegeta

        shut the fuck up you autistic piece of shit

        • Kil’jaeden

          Vegeta, you should been out long ago, weak bitch like you were in DBZ.

      • dead pool

        ds you’re a idiot
        the creator of this show literally has Alzheimer and keeps forgetting how powerful characters are and literally forgot kale and chaulifa are goku’s friends ending up with making them fight

    • Jolteon_Gaming564

      If you look when Kale transformed Jiren actually reacted to it while he was meditating

      • Joey Ngambo

        True………………………………………… Are they now worthy?!?!?!

        • Joey Ngambo

          Especially with the fusion and the transformation IN fusion

      • Omark

        It looks like Kefla is on par with Jiren. I really cant wait until someone busts these bitches. So annoying characters

        • d3rd3vil

          Looking how she hurts the SS God in her base form I thought so too. But in the preview we can see she transforms and gets hurt….probably by SS Blue (with or without Kaioken), so certainly not on Jirens level. UNLESS she gets hurt by Gokus ultra instinct maybe?! But that probably wont happen next episode or will it? 🙂

          • Shahzaib Khan

            no the next episode said super saiyan blue defeated so no ultra instinct on next episode.

          • d3rd3vil

            Its with a questionmark. Either SS Blue (with Kaioken) wins, or their fusiontime is up and they come back as Caulifla and Kale, or Goku gets defeated and needs the ultra instinct 🙂 3 options

          • TheLight

            Goku has been using Kale and Caulifla to rebuild his power level, in case you hadn’t noticed. He might be defeated as Super Saiyan Blue, but pushing himself to his limit again could be what it takes to reawaken Ultra Instinct. We will have to wait and see if Jiren awakens from his mediatation. Kefla’s power level caused him to take notice, but not fully wake up. As Goku and Kefla continue to push each other higher and higher, Jiren will have to stop meditating and take action at some point and then we will know that one or the other has achieved a power level that Jiren determines is a threat.

          • zargham

            Dude, if Blue is defeated, it means that there will most definitely be an appearance of Ultra Instinct . May it be in the next episode or the one after that. Think about it ; they cant very well kick Goku out of the tournament.

          • Shahzaib Khan

            I just said no ultra instinct on the next episode but definitely we will see ultra instinct or may be some thing closer to it.

        • Droidboy

          Man. If Vegito appeared, they would be able to fight Jiren while sleeping in this case.
          Blue Vegito is the ultimate warrior in this case. Easily could whoop Beerus ass.

          • Aaron Soldier

            No false.
            Remember Blue Vegito couldn’t even land a punch on Black or Zamasu, and Beerus said he could effortlessly destroy both of them, so no Blue Vegito couldn’t touch Beerus , please stop with these fake a$$ comments

          • Droidboy

            Impossible to know, but I dunno. They don’t fucking scale anything correctly in this. A fusion between two honestly weak sayians = stronger than Goku SS Blue?
            Goku would literally shit on Gotenks no matter what power level they acquired fused, and we’re meant to assume that these two girls are stronger than Goku near the top? Naaaah.

            It simply means Vegito SHOULD be beyond every mortal’s strength.

      • d3rd3vil

        Its all about the rematch. Everything is coming back slowly. I knew that would happen. Rematch probably in December with Ultra Instinct. Goku is powering up and more and more Kafle is very strong too ofc and Jiren will get interested very soon. Damn I hope we dont see too many filler episodes before the rematch cause it should be happening soon in my opinion not in January….

    • asdasd

      same here the hype is gone because of them

    • Akaalis Aristorenas

      Its so weird to think in that in the real world, to train and recuperate your energy at the same time is considered absurdly impossible…. !!

      • Omark

        Yes and keep in mind a transformation especially SS2+ cost a ton of energy. Total bullshit that he uses energy and his transformation to get new energy

    • Omark

      Can someone explain why Goku is gaing energy through fights? His transformation needs engery and also his attacks.

      How can he possible create energy there?

    • d3rd3vil

      Which isnt bad at all. It all makes sense. He is getting back to SS Blue then probably Kaioken as we’ve seen in the preview and then it is Ultra Instinct time again?! And then the Jiren rematch maybe in 2-4 episodes? I HOPE SO 🙂

  • JiNx

    subtitles are back yes

  • Tên Là Gi

    Khá lắm, Goku lại chuẩn bị lên trạng thái mới nữa.

  • 00PCB

    Hate the way goku is fighting here. I was hoping Frieza (or Jiren) would step in because they don’t fuck around and seem to be the only two characters with a maturity level over 12 years old, and actually realize they are gambling with everyone’s life…
    And just in case it hasn’t been said enough: “power scaling in dbs sucks ass.” Universe 6 saiyans are getting free rides with these forms. FF == Fusion Fatigue

    • Jolteon_Gaming564

      Frieza is watching so we know Goku isn’t gonna lose. Even if Goku didn’t have plot armor Frieza knows how strong and important Goku is to U7 and he knows he is the only one that can do damage to Jiren (Since he said he’s not going near that “monster”) So there is no way Frieza would let Goku get eliminated like that, enemy or not

      • 00PCB

        Maybe. And im not saying your wrong, but this fight is approaching ribrianne territory. He is too weak for SSJ3 but can do SSJG?

        Fusion should be illegal in any “tournament.”There are certain things I think fighters assume is a “given.” I was on the fence about califla and kale in the beginning but the more of them i see (and hear) – the more I look forward to their elimination (fingers crossed its a painful one)

        • MXHDKIM

          Remember SSJG is a light form for Goku. It’s less draining than blue. And probably less draining than 3 even.

          It wasn’t that long ago when SSJ3 was his highest form (maybe with kaio ken)

        • infamous82997

          ssg heals his wounds and doesn’t use as much stamina as his other forms, as well as being his fastest form

        • Bernfried Jablonski

          Dude SSJ3 is much more stamina consuming than SSJG you filthy noob.

          • 00PCB

            Your name is gay

      • Joey Ngambo

        XD plot armor is the one thing keeping Goku around, so true.

    • FearTheSponge

      No the power scaling makes sense, it’s just that they are disgustingly powerful in base already.

      • Siddharth

        They are total assholes. Before the starring, rules started that no outsider item which is not a part of body is allowed in the tournament.So how are they isang potara?

        • Shahzaib Khan

          actually Master Roshi used mafuba with a glass container and Zeno agreed with it. It all depend on him.

          • Rece

            Yea he did, but it didn’t give him a physical advantage or a power boosts. It was just an item required for one of his moves. but this earring thing is a little shifty. A complete power boosts, they might as well just let everybody eat a senzu bean.

          • Shahzaib Khan

            Agreed. Thats why i hate this episode. why those two saiyan girls are getting so much power boost in a short time. if this keeps up they will get stronger than the grand.

          • Marc Marte

            I agree, Toriyama you fucked up boy!

        • FearTheSponge

          Cuz Zeno is in charge and he finds it interesting.

    • Nitin Rajagopal

      No problem with power scaling bro! In Exhibition match Cabba base=Vegeta base(vegeta is similar to goku) as goku’s base after first transforming to ssj1 kept on increasing . Now their base form will be as strong as 1st ssj1 occurance (My perspective makes sence if you take time to understand,ssj1=base form*100).with base form equal to Vegeta,Cabba/both bitches.. are equal to Vegeta’s transformation (i.e if they turn into ssjgB hypothetically,they will be equal to Vegeta ssjgB).

      With above things in mind goku’s base will be stronger as now he turned UltraInstincts Power/ability.THUS ,it explains how he can fight ssj2 bitches.

      Now Potara fusion=(kale + Califla power)*10 (now this power seems more than ssjg.

      Sorry if you can’t understand after this.

      • peter deprez

        cabba was not equal to vegeta in base form… dunno where u got that from dude

      • Siddharth

        Who said cabba is equal to vegeta?Vegeta trained with wiss in his base form, he is definitely much more powerful than that bamboo like character cabba.Ssj2 but no abs ,or muscles in the arms.Even gohan had super muscles when he was just 11.

      • Rijaz Keinz

        “Here’s something you should know,
        Among those Saiyans, I stand at the top”
        you think he was bluffing…??

        • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

          i hope not lol

        • This is Vegeta. He’s always that cocky.

      • omari wall

        Hey didnt trunks use Ultra instinct to transform into Super Saiyan blue during his fight during black

  • Mohammad M


    • FearTheSponge

      Is is Kelfa or Kefla?

      • peter deprez



      She looks 12.

  • SHADOW54312

    oh shiiiet, maybe goku gonna cheat on chichi

    • Joey Ngambo

      Why would you even think that??

      • MXHDKIM

        I guess he would if he were Goku. lmao

  • Nat Weigel

    They’re annoying.

    • Kil’jaeden

      Sad for you.

  • Christian Alberto

    annoying fucking sluts….

  • Fractorification

    The problem I have with these Saiyan girls doesn’t just amount to the fact that they get transformations quickly, but more so the fact that their character development is put on overdrive as well. We never knew them properly before this tournament, other than the implied protege and master relationship between the two.

    But ever since the tournament began they keep hammering in how these two are friends to the end, sisters and they care for one another. It admittedly get’s a little tiresome after a while because none of this has been earned. All of it has been mentioned by word of mouth but they’ve given us very little time to see why the affection between these two is strong beforehand.

    So whenever Kale get’s an emotional moment of controlling the Beserk form twice now apparently, I just don’t feel anything. It’s forced character development that’s not as satisfying as it should be and it comes across as shallow in my opinion. I can appreciate them for trying to give them proper development, but this type of stuff needs more time.

    The execution was too premature and it get’s messy when 90% of the interaction between these two amounts to the same copy an pasted banter of “friendship” over and over.

    • Deep

      You have so much problems,So don’t watch no one gives you shit.

      • Fractorification

        Your english is kind of broken there. Also, chill bro. I’m not gonna stop watching a show that I love because of 2 characters. It’s constructive criticism, that’s all.

        • Zayn

          Fractor…..your comment , was on point , god blessed us we ppl like you… People are just too stupid and boxed… Your points that you gave about the episode are the same as mine…ex… It took goku a whole damn saga just to achieve the super sayian form…now you come to me talking shit like this…bruh gtfo..I used to love dragon Ball, every single episode was amazing , the excitement , the suffering, and at last a well deserved victory….now it just dry …..and sad.

      • Omark


        • Shirokko

          Question : the ears aren’t forbidden in tournament …. I mean it’s not they are cheating ???

      • Siddharth

        Fuck off

      • Arek Dudzik

        You have so much problems with constructive comments so don’t read them. No one cares about Your “advices”. I like reading others opinions. Even if it’s not what I think. You could always brings Your owns arguments rather then that shitty personal attack. Conversation and exchanges of opinions is about pointing out flaws or inconsistency. Or just adding something worthy that compliment and/or stretch further someones point of view.
        That’s not what Your comment is. Your comment shows that You just don’t have any of above conversation skills which transalte to the fact You are simply stupid, child.

        • Unknown

          Do you know how to speak English?

        • Unknown

          Sorry I was only looking at pfp and a lot of people have super saiyan bardock I meant that for deep

    • Joey Ngambo

      ….. You wanna summarize this?

      • MXHDKIM

        Pretty much the storytelling on the three Univ 6 saiyans is rushed, half-baked and just jammed down ur throat when no one who’s been watching the show a long time gives a dam about these charaacters.

        • Alexis Qurry

          I’ve been watching since dragon ball, and I like them.

        • Joey Ngambo

          Good job.

    • BatmanDaGAWD

      Yes! They gotta slow down. SSGSS should be very hard to reach, and Caulifla shouldn’t be Super Saiyan 3 ANY TIME SOON! And even if Goku’s not at full strength, both of them fused, should barley be able to do damage to ssg.

      • d3rd3vil

        She didnt even transform yet and SS God seems to be no challenge for her…..that looks like its gonna be a huge problem and maybe ultra instinct is coming back?! 🙂

        • Shahzaib Khan

          I know goku will find a way he always have but this is nonsense why the hell kefla got so much increase in power by potara fusion this is nuts. Even Vegetto did not got that much of boost when he was fighting with fused Zamasu. Then why kefla.

          • d3rd3vil

            Well why do you say that? Goku and Vegeta fought as SS Blue against Zamasu and Black. Then they fused and multiplied their power….Vegito did too and was stronger, that was pretty understandable in my opinion. But thats what the fusion is all about. Its some multipliershit…Vegito in his base form could fight Buu with Piccolo, Goten, Trunks and Gohan “inhaled”. Its just what it is. Therefore I dont like fusions unless its fusion vs. fusion 🙂

          • Shahzaib Khan

            but vegito has to go ss blue against him right now goku is ss red and he easily defeated both of them but after the fusion they just too overpowered in there base form.

          • Rohan

            Actually Vegeto Blue was a little stronger than fused Zamasu.. Soo he was way more powerful than kefla.. But he was also the fusion of 2 of the most powerful characters in U7

          • Marc Marte

            ok The F$#$# up I thought items were not suppose to be used, then Goku can use Senzu beans, It is not fair they are dragging the fight, they are no where his level, even fused they should not be more power ful then his god form

          • Shahzaib Khan

            Agreed with Marc Marte.

          • Guest

            Are you forgetting about Roshi’s evil containment bottle, Marc?

      • pablo zzz

        bro , you are underestimang the power of fusion … as said in this chapter their power is more than sum of their power insarsed THENS of times … now imagine the power of Vegitto or better GOGETTA …

        • Droidboy

          Vegito would be stronger than Beerus no doubt, possibly stronger than Whis in this case. Jiren would be a piece of cake.

          • Aaron Soldier

            Impossible. Whis would destroy Vegito

          • d3rd3vil

            If Vegeta and Goku fuse against Jiren then Jiren should fuse with Toppo….its no fun to see a fusion vs. another warrior

          • Rohan

            Jiren can’t be a piece of cake for Vegeto. Clearly, fused Zamasu wasn’t as strong as Jiren and Vegeto Blue was almost the same as fused Zamasu, maybe a little stronger. But Jiren is clearly on another level.

          • Droidboy

            Huh? What is “clearly” about Zamasu not being as strong as Jiren? Honestly, he probably would’ve been able to beat Jiren as well. Especially considering Zamasu was immortal.

            If Kalfla or whatever is stronger than Goku Blue (though Blue is interesting, the power level has a wide range), then it’s only fair to say that Vegito would be so far ahead of everyone, probably even Beerus.

            Think about the scale for a minute. With Goku is SS God, and probably less than half strength, he defeated both of the girls. Once they fuse, they are tens to hundreds times stronger than him even in blue? (We don’t know for sure, but they’re hinting that they might be). I don’t believe it. And if I’m supposed to believe that, then Vegito fused with Goku, as Goku was decently closely matched to Jiren, would definitely be stronger than Jiren.

        • Rohan

          LOL Gogeta is a lot less stronger than Vegeto. Elder kai himself said in Z that the potara fusion is a lot better than the fusion dance technique.

      • Rohan

        Exactly!! I mean SSG was used to fight BEERUS THE DESTROYER!! Now its being treated like a plain old super saiyan transformation

    • Assaf Hadary

      I like that critic! I don’t think it’s true, but I like when a person explains thoroughly his points.

      first of all, the shit argument: DBS is a kid show. you can debate about DBZ being more mature, but super is definitely geared toward kids (notice the time slot and the much less brutal Freeza). so DBS not having the best character development is kinda forgivable.

      now for the comparative argument: I believe this relationship (beside the protege thing) is similar to the Hulk and Black Widow. a powerful berserk fighter, and the one person who can calm the other down. you can say the comparison isn’t doing the whole point any favors, (especially considering the flak HulkXWidow gets) but there is the third argument

      the final argument is basically preaching for not always revealing the character’s entire past. in other shows we’d probably get flashbacks mid-fights that explains the relationship, but that would brake the pace of the fights (which is important in a show about fighting) and be susceptible to cliches. instead they decide to tell their past relationship via interactions. Look at how Sherlock decided to touch it’s character’s past and how it broke the show beyond repair.

      could it be done better? undoubtedly yes. is it bad? not necessarily. I like this relationship…

      • Aaron Soldier

        What the heck? How can Frieza be as brutal as he was in Z? Everyone is more powerful than him and he is forced to fight by the tournament rules, he can’t just go bat sh$t crazy and start murdering people or conquering planets, I mean what are you expecting? Remember, hes at Beerus and Goku’s mercy, he has no choice but to listen to them or they can easily destroy him.

        • Assaf Hadary

          first of all, freeza with an I?
          second of all, notice the lack of brutality outside the tournament. even when he acts brutal the visuals that will support it are not allowed in the current time slot DBS occupies in Japan. no more exploding Krillins, no more bleeding Gohans.
          for one last clarification, I didn’t talk about Freeza not being brutal in the tournament, but in general…

          what more it really has nothing to do with the comment itself…

          • lala

            freeza is the weaboo japanese name, the english name is frieza

          • Assaf Hadary

            and yet you’re here, watching the weaboo version of DBS and not the dubbed version. to be fair, the authority I refer to is TFS. but it’s a pretty good authority to refer to…

    • Morgan M. Tovar

      dragonballl supers >>>> 1234KHD.BLOGSPOT.COM

      • pablo zzz

        now wait for Gogetta … gg

        • ‏‏

          They will never add Gogeta since he was non-canon, and they are avoiding making a canon regular fusion character.

    • derp

      its like meeting people who have been together forever, for the first time, and saying their life is a lie lol

      • Fractorification

        That’s a poor analogy mate. This isn’t about believing their friendship is real, it’s about “caring”. Sure, a married couple can be happy and have a history together when it’s obvious, but if they’re strangers I’ve just met I’m not going to get emotionally invested wether they break up or reconcile as I have no personal connection with either.

        Same thing with the Saiyan girls. I believe that they’re happy. Why shouldn’t I? But I don’t know them enough to care. I never witnessed their history together to get invested on their relationship. There is a big difference between believing and sympathy. I can’t force myself to suddenly care about some strangers no matter how much the writers tell me to 😛

    • hemonecrophagia

      Kale unfortunately confirms that Broly really is the strongest sayain in Goku’s universe, that’s why she’s here is because all the DBZ fans wouldnt shut up about broily so kale was made for the fan crowd to get answers, so Legendary is the strongest breed of sayain. in other words SSB Kale would be a thousand times stronger than goku and Vegita combined.

      • God

        Hey don’t forget they said jiren is stronger than the gods in his universe so don’t jump to conclusions saying that goku could beat him easily because he might be stronger than beerus as well and this is why the tournament is held to fight warrior like jiren and show us a new transformation

        • Rohan

          Ohh! Jiren IS definitely stronger than Beerus.

    • Riko Hitsuya

      well in away the quick transformations kinda make sense these are the 1st 2 ssj female saiyans so things may not go exactly the same as all the male saiyans.
      – Emotion plays a big role in becoming a ssj and women are naturally more emotional so in away it makes sense how they can learn it easier than the guy saiyans and how they passed up Cabba.

      • Aaron Soldier

        No that makes no sense

    • Rahofanaan

      A prequel covering the lives of Universe 6 saiyans would be a good idea.

  • 00PCB

    this fight is quickly surpassing ribrianne territory

    • Joey Ngambo

      Wut iz ribrianne ter.?

      • MXHDKIM

        A terrible shadowy hell of reused animations, repetitive fighting, and aimless storytelling fluff,

      • 00PCB

        territory gods fear to tread

        • Bernfried Jablonski

          Your name is gay.

    • Bernfried Jablonski

      You look like fat Ribrianne

      • 00PCB

        Your name is gay.

  • Robson Matheus

    She should be named Khalifa

  • Clark Kent

    Don’t the tournament rules say no items? Shouldn’t they be disqualified?

    • Joey Ngambo

      Remember roshi?

      • Clark Kent

        I guess… But at least they tried to explain that.

      • David Imanny

        I thought so too

      • Killian

        Roshi’s item is not the
        same as compared to the magical earrings that let you make a Potara
        Fusion. As it was said with Roshi’s bottle it’s just a regular
        everyday item, the whole technique is need to be performed by the
        Fighter in 99% (1% is the item) as for the earrings you just put them
        on and done, the items do everything because they are magical. So in
        my opinion it’s 100 against the rules, but I’m guessing Goku will ask
        them to look away, they will ignore it or they will allow it by some
        weird logic.

      • Marcellkilla712

        and krillin

        • Shahzaib Khan

          what about krillin? I dont remember him using anything or did he???

          • Marcellkilla712

            he threw his shoe at that guy who had a good sense of smell to distract him

      • Carlos

        But Master Roshi didnt use any enhancing item. It was just a regular vial. The technique was still all based on his own power. Potaras shoudnt be allowed.

    • ashnike

      but actually they were out of the ring of tournament and got fused and came back

    • Kitt

      I tought so 2. That was my first tought aswell. I having a bit of a double feeling now. No fair. I was hoping goku and vegeta would fuse against jiren as an ultimate weapon, bij doing the fusion dance!!!

    • Omark

      yes why the fuck hasnt the grand priest at least stepped in and asked the omni king if that is ok?

      Seriously that is cheating. These bitches are also going on my nerves

  • Jeremy Rodriguez

    I thought items weren’t allowed in the tournament of power?! Shouldn’t Lord Beerus challenge how the fusion was done? The fusion dance should have happened, not the supreme Kia’s technology.

    • Joey Ngambo

      Uhm, he isnt gonna challenge when omniking is around. Also, remember roshi?

      • Joey Ngambo

        And it is more magic than tech.

        • Arcylado

          dont u think akira toriyama forgot that the woriors of universe 3 are made of metal armor and lasers or arms… so they ar cybernetic like.. .. shouldnt they be erased for using items as armor/shield?

          • Joey Ngambo


  • Xadirius

    I thought all items were banned in the tournament, or was it just weapons and healing items?

    • Joey Ngambo

      Remember roshi?

  • Arnav Bhatt

    I think the Potara is allowed. The rules state that neither weapons nor healing items can be used in the tournament. Potara qualifies as neither. It’s certainly not a healing item, nor it is a weapon per se, just an item that has a unique function.

  • Someo Nelse

    I wonder if at some point the power levels are going to make sense again.

    • Kil’jaeden

      They never made sense as soon as “Gods” were introduced.

      To be honest, I always believed that Fusion should be as powerful as SSJG. Remember how Vegito base form was able to beat Buuhan? Remember how SSJ3 Gotenks (Fusion Dance) was able to overpower Super Buu.

      • Rohan

        But God ki is divine and to reach that kind of power without that divine ki would drain a loooot of stamina, right? Thats why a SSJ3 drains so much stamina

  • Daniel Le

    I thought the use of foreign items is automatic DQ? lol

    • Joey Ngambo

      Remember roshi??????

  • Hattan

    I think we all agree, that Kale and Cauliffa are just annoying and a waste of time for this series.

    • Joey Ngambo

      So much for female saiyan hype 😛

    • infamous82997

      i personally love em. they’re giving our boys a challenge and they add some interesting shit to the show, more power to em!

    • Omark

      fuck that bitches. Why cant we get more Frieza action instead or Vegeta. Total joke

      • Kil’jaeden

        Vegeta is a joke, he should have been knocked out like he always was in DBZ.

        I’m only bothered by Gohan being so weak. He should be stronger than Vegeta as well.

        • Omark

          are you fucking serious? I dislike Gohan so much. He should be knocked out like yesterday

  • Aditya

    annoying cunts

  • Patrick

    So……Why isnt anyone talking about WHY exactly they can wear the earrings ??

    • Joey Ngambo

      Cuz that would be like asking why does vegito exists.

      • infamous82997

        i think they’re referring as to how this is being allowed

        • Joey Ngambo

          I just realized that lol

    • Jakub Piecz

      Roshi also used item for Mafuba. It wouldn’t be fair to not letting use earrings.

  • David Downs

    For everyone shilling for the fem Saiyans. Remember, Goku and Vegeta still have the fusion dance.

  • Nitin Rajagopal

    For all who hate this show just so there is no proper reference for power levels……There is No problem with power scaling bro!(My perspective makes sence if you take time to understand,ssj1=base form*100) In Exhibition match Cabba base=Vegeta base(vegeta is similar to goku) as goku’s base after first transforming to ssj1 kept on increasing . Now their base form will be around as strong as 1st ssj1 occurance .with base form equal to Vegeta,Cabba/both bitches.. are equal to Vegeta’s transformations (i.e if they turn into ssjgB hypothetically,they will be equal to Vegeta ssjgB).

    With above things in mind goku’s base will be stronger as now he turned UltraInstincts Power/ability.THUS ,it explains how he can fight ssj2 bitches.

    Now Potara fusion=(kale + Califla power)*10 (now this power seems more than ssjg. )

    Sorry if you can’t understand after this.Not the show’s fault.
    It is just that let those bitches eliminate fast as I hate to see then Improve so fast.

  • Carl Bowen

    I wonder if Gogeta is gonna make an appearance soon and either wipe the floor with first Kefla then Jiren, or Kefla and Gogeta team up and wipe everyone else out….

    • Joey Ngambo

      Uhm…. No.

      • MXHDKIM

        Gogeta? Why not? They already brought back Potara and Brolly with boobs.

        • Joey Ngambo

          But too muxh rulebreaking will push Somebody up there off the edge. No fusions, no items, both were broken

    • MrSingle89

      I like the idea though, it be a better way to determine which is better potara fusion or the metamorin fusion. And I just would like to see gogeta anyways he’d show Jiren.

  • Pure Shqiptar

    Sorry this is retarded , I get Goku is tired and all but Super Saiyan God should one shot , heck even Super saiyan 2 should be more then enough for their fussion. Really bad writing. You stated yourselves that Goku stacked Super Saiyan God in his base form. How can these 2 new super Saiyans keep up?


      He’s just really tired. Look at all the extra dirt lines they drew on him! He’s a SCRIBBLE XD

  • Akaalis Aristorenas

    @8:09 Terrible artwork but sufficiently colored..

  • Joey Ngambo

    XD when you guys start arguing over ANIME logic, it just cracks me up

  • Joey Ngambo

    Anyway who is hyped for 115? And who thinks the half saiyans will get a friken growth spurt soon? Srsly, it has been about 6 yrs and they still look 8.

  • Joey Ngambo

    Thays all i wonderinv about.

  • Matthew Anthony

    This fusion is really stupid, this fight is terrible and needs to end. How is Goku already using Kaio Ken ? I want to see Vegeta actually fight. SSG should not be so under-powered in comparison to Kefla Base.

    • meatchball

      hes not using kai- koen, that’s super saiyan GOD RED from his fight with beerus.

      • infamous82997

        in the next episode, Goku might be using kaio ken since they’re kicking his ass in blue, as Kefla can transform into that controlled berserk saiyan

        • peter deprez

          i dont think they can go in berserk like this

  • Mi A Bloodclat Shotta

    I’m sorry but the power scaling this episode was just sloppy and shitty… Goku’s ssj2 is 100x stronger than those 2 ass pull ass saiyans’ ssj2! And further more super saiyan god mode … The mode that went toe to toe with fucking beerus.. Is not enough to end the fight? Fuck out of here with that bullshit bruh! Dragon ball power scaling ain’t shit

    • johnsol

      i agree man thats exactly what i thought

  • Noah clark

    SSG Goku>>>>>>>>>K&C
    Super Buu>>>>>>>>>>G&V
    Vegito base>>>super buu
    so logically it would not be far fetched for Kefla base>>SSG Goku
    Vados said the potara increases their power “tens of times” bullshit, it’s at least several hundred if not thousands, this is made painfully obvious by the fact that Base Vegito was stronger than super buu even though SSJ2 Vegeta and Goku would get slaughtered by him. The base of a fused potara warrior completely surpasses any transformations either individual part could ever be capable of alone. However, it really pisses me off that the next episode revolves around Goku going SSB and using kaioken. stacking kaioken on top of blue is a very pathetic power boost. He’s adding a few percentage points to his power while using several times as much stamina. Logically, Goku, knowing that Jiren is still very much a threat, should logically give Frieza a turn. Frieza has used next to none of his power and would fare far better against Kefla than Goku right now. Goku should be resting and trying to remember what not only the new form felt like, but ultra instinct as well. (U.I. is not a form, he just happened to use it while also attaining a new form)

  • So base form Kefla is 70% of Beerus’s god power? This is retarded

    • IronicTwist

      The 70 percent thing was just in the movie. The anime and manga retconned. Beerus was holding back much more than that.

    • Kil’jaeden

      Enraged Kale was able to give Super Saiyan Blue Goku trouble, why would fused Kale not be able to defeat it? Use your logic for god sake. Have you never watched Dragonball Z? Vegito base form stomped Buuhan as well. So did SSJ3 Gotenks stomped Super Buu, something even SSJ3 Goku couldn’t.

    • Flame-LoneWolf

      As retarded as two children fusing to be nearly as strong as Buu.

  • Markus

    Its fucking stipid what is the use of. God level when this 2 girl can easily match the god level bullshit its not at all worth and showing goku once at high level at the same time any one can beat him its going worst

    • Flame-LoneWolf

      You’re not exactly allowed to call something stupid when you can’t even spell stupid right, lol

  • Max Kay


  • vasu108


  • Flame-LoneWolf

    Butthurt Dragon Ball fans ahoy, lol

    Y’know, the ones who want Goku and Vegeta to hog the entire spotlight, and for him to oneshot like every fighter in the tournament that isn’t Hit or Jiren.


      One shots are fun.

      • Flame-LoneWolf

        They’re fun for literally five seconds. Then they get really old and boring, because there’s no substance to Goku beating a character with no fight even involved…

    • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

      vegeta hog the spotlight? are you watching the same anime i am? lmao

      • Flame-LoneWolf

        Oh, so you don’t think I’m talking about the guy with more wins and beatdowns in Super than Goku? Maybe you should check which anime you’re watching, pal.

        • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

          lmfao yea ok. does he really have the most beat downs? if so it was done off screen lol because i don’t remember.. and don’t sit here and say vegeta is hogging all the spotlight while goku is getting new fucking a super op ability lol even if vegeta was hogging the most spotlight he deserves it they been doing vegeta slo wrong these past years and hes the best character in the anime pale

  • Rohan

    Once they showed that kale alone was powerful than super saiyan blue. Then what happened now when kale gained control over the legendary super saiyan form?? She couldn’t even beat super saiyan God. And how could kefla be stronger than SS God?? To beat a god you must have the God ki inside them. Like Goku couldn’t beat beerus, so he went Super Saiyan God

    • IronicTwist

      Out of control Super Saiyan Beserker Kale was more dangerous than her controlled form. That’s why she doesn’t seem as strong as before.

      God Ki is just a different Ki type. It has nothing to do with your level of power. Even Supreme Kais have God Ki. Goku’s Super Saiyan God form simply just more power in addition to a different Ki type.

  • AugustAPC

    Kale and Caulifla are just the laziest, shallowest characters.

  • Guyver01

    I hope this forces Goku and Vegeta to use the fusion technique and we get a SSB Gogeta.

    • Rohan

      Remember how SSJ4 Gogeta could only last for 10 minutes? Gogeta won’t have much power to sustain the fusion of two characters that powerful

      • Gogeta

        Yea, but gt rules most likely dont apply to super. I would love for gogeta to come back though.

  • James Deveaux

    Kale got mad at Goku for dodging? God, I despise her more and more.

  • Who’s that animator with the nice shading he’s good

  • James Deveaux

    I liked Califla’s character, but when Kale is thrown into the mix, it just ruins everything.

  • James Deveaux

    I guess Caulifla doesn’t have a Saiyan’s pride. Making Kale hold Goku while she pummels him. It’s pretty despicable.

    • Sssh they are just for hentai material nothing more!11

      • Ma-Kasu Kuraido


  • herecomesrusty

    If zenos also use the fusion technique, I’m done. XD

    • The Legend27


    • Marcellkilla712

      goku would have to teach them the dance because i don’t think those football heads have ears

  • JC

    Don’t bother reading beyond this comment traveler. There’s nothing down there by a bunch of babies crying and salt about the sayian girls.

    • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

      thanks lol

  • Nika Nikoloz Navrozashvili


  • The Legend27

    Jiren is getting disrupted
    Kefla vs jiren confirmed

  • Umegames Official

    shrug….i like kefla

  • BatmanDaGAWD

    Bruh ok a few things.
    1. Ghatdamn the animation in this episode is sooo crispy! Almost every frame was like a masterpiece, 10/10 on the animation
    2. If Goku was at full strength he’d be wiping the floor with them.
    3. NO WAY IN HELL…should Kefla be able to be quicker and stronger than God Goku, that’s just Bull, even if he isn’t at full. We gotta slow down with the progression of these Universe 6 saiyans.

  • Novex

    Vegeta sensed powerful energy near Goku. Maybe Vegeta will rush to Goku and see what happen. Later Goku & Vegeta will fusion and show the bitches what is called pure fusion. Gogeta will kick Kefla ass for sure. “No item fusion is fair play”

    • Novex

      Some say Jiren sense it possible Kefla is worth to Jiren. Maybe but i doubt it. Possible Gogeta Vs Kefla make Jiren more curious. Btw i hate Jiren. I felt his head resemble a sperm

  • Saitama

    Why the porta earings is allowed? if Porta is allowed then a sensu bean should be allowed too. Anyway goku wont take sensu bean anyway. Plus i think goku got this

  • ILovePeople

    still against the rules of the tournament of power

  • Trill

    I would just like to say I REALLY appreciate the quality of some of the animation in this episode, if nothing else! I loved the scenes with Goku’s profile. His hair and his poised demeanor show a subtle, but noticeable difference between the normal SSJ1 transformation. He gives off an aura that is much more deadly and aggressive than the normal SS1 transformation…

    I also liked how when Goku was being pummeled by our lovely saiyan duo, he made countering efforts (like the “kamekameha”.. and yes I said “KA”). Even if the moves kind of failed, it shows that Goku is still a tactician in the heat of battle, and is constantly thinking on his feet, like Vegeta and Piccolo!

    I really love Frieza’s presence in this tournament! I almost find myself feeling a sense of comfort whenever he’s shown. He’s so calm, experienced, and confident. Plus we know his Gold form is on par with SS Blue. It definitely keeps things exciting!

    I think this whole battle is going to come down to another collection of Spirit Energy for the Spirit Bomb (against Jiren) to make Goku go Ultra Instinct again, only this time.. all of the universes remaining will share their energy with Goku. He will probably promise to wish them back but who knows..

    All i want to know is where are those 2 hidden power levels Beerus was concerned about a few episodes ago! Can’t be the Namekians! This is getting good!

  • Reuben Kisten

    Someone needs to tell chi chi that goku is flirting with other grls lol

  • Σπυρος Καλογεροπουλος

    So, SSJ2 + LSSJ = years of training and god ki.

    • Kil’jaeden

      SSJ3 Goku + SSJ2 Vegeta potara fusion is also stronger than Super Buu + Mystic Gohan + Piccolo + Goten + Trunks.

      While Normal Super Buu would murder both Goku and Vegeta at same time.

  • Nasio

    what a massive bullshit, so you are telling me Son goku SSG who drained 70% of berus energie and was keeping up with berus’ speed is a peace of shit compared to 2 sayans fusing and not even going ss ? FFS toriyama what is this ? Its not April fools anymore !

  • HellStorm Demonoid

    never thought i would say it but a ssjg getting beat up by a ssj2 grade 5 level potara fused saiyans makes me wanna forget I loved dbz anytime… 🙁 fuck this power scaling. fuck you toriyama.

  • Angella James

    Wtf!!! They defeated the super saiyyan God which Goku fought against beerus!! Are you fucking kidding me right now!!!!!!!!! Oh god how much I hate toriyama for making illogical shit!! I wish vegeta just stop by to knock those bitches out

    • JUSTAnAdvocate

      Well then you hate Toriyama for the wrong reasons. He writes the rough draft of Super. Toyotaro and TOEI respectively translate those into their own medias, the manga and the anime, in their own fashion. This is what leads to the mistakes in the anime. Leaving it in TOEI’s hands.

      • Marc Marte

        Then tell TOEI to fuc#$# off

    • Kil’jaeden

      Why is it weird? Enraged Kale is Broly’s level. Her power rivaled with SSB Goku.

      Of course a Potara fusion of Kale with her best friend would increase Kale’s power 100 times.

  • Omark

    These two bitches are toally annoying. Can´t Jiren defeat them finally.

    God my nerves!

  • Oblivion

    Man idk why all of you guys are trashing Cauliffa and Kale beacause its actually the second best fight in tournament after goku vs JIren :”).
    But it’s very sad how we lost 30 episodes to ribrianne bullshit and extremly weak opponents that are just pure and complete shit,some moments even looked so childish i would be ashamed if someone saw me watch them.

    But yes Cabba,Cauliffa and Kale are gaining transformations fast however we only seen them come to SS lvl 2.
    So if we consider for example that their base forms were very strong and that their body was already ready to come to lvl 2 but they just didn’t know it existed.
    So after cabba met with goku and vegeta he learned how to go SS1 which he was able to transfer to kale and Cauliffa. So by that point since their base forms were already plenty strong they were technicly 100% ready for SS1 and were able to get grasp of things quickly.After some training and battleing with goku they were able to reach SS2.Which might be a bit too fast but as I said if their base body was already ready for it and they had first hand expirience of fighting a even higher lvl SS it was dooable.

    So their fast transformation acquirments aren’t all that unrealistic same could go for goten and trunks how fast they were able to achieve them.

    And ofcourse they aren;t on scale with goku.You do need to realise goku was heavily damaged and drained from Jiren fight his strenght could be as much as 50x weeker than when rested.Also it was 2vs1 and even when drained goku was going rather easy on them.

    So yeah that about explains the fight so far.
    But honestly i expected more of this show.

  • DovydasBest

    I think that they will bring the fusions dance between Goku and Vegeta because Kale is like a Broly, which is non-cannon, and they added it to DBS.
    Fusion dance between Goku and Vegeta, which is of course Gogeta, is non-cannon too and I think they are trying to make the movies’ main things into DBS.
    That’s what I think.

  • paybackwestwick

    Goku still fighting, but where is Gohan? Where is hes power? Im still waiting for something insane from Gohan and still nothing.. just Goku Goku Kakarot Goku.

    • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

      what about vegeta

      • Kil’jaeden

        Vegeta was always supposed to be weak, I hope to see Mystic Gohan surpassing further than Goku again…

        • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

          thats sad.. everyone likes vegeta more than goku they need to give vegeta more fame and spotlight

  • Nat$u Dragneel SG

    “Only the strong remain” Caulifla appears .. Hit is out … what an irony
    Too much power up in too short time and too less effort

  • Skor TheFuture

    Clearly the fanbase is separated into two groups. One who holds this anime to a standard and others who just enjoy to idolize in world of cartoons with some action. Please stop telling people who watch this and don’t get what they expect out it to stop watching. Its true. That will eventually be the outcome but it has nothing to do with shit animation, poor character development, and horrible power scaling. By the same token we shouldn’t jam our disapproval down the throats of children who don’t mind seeing Vegeta in a pink apron.
    The only thing is.. If you’re gonna continue a series you have to expect people to compare it to it’s prequel. This isn’t a reboot… this isn’t teen titans go. It’s said to be a sequel which takes place after buu saga and the Manga is flipping AMAZIN!!!!!!!!!!!! at keeping the dbz feel. Soooo many things are different like Vegeta kicking blacks ass the first time they fought. Anime made Vegeta look like fodder when OMG.. He has RED!? The animators fall short of its true feel and as long as this keeps happening you shouldn’t expect anything less than veterans constantly calling it out on it’s bullshit.

    • Aaron Soldier

      Vegeta never kicked Black’s a$$, the heck are you smoking? DBS is trash and I love seeing Vegeta in a pink apron because hes a trash character!! ”I MUSSTST BE MORE POWERFUL THAN MY BOYFRIEND KAKAROTTT!!!”‘ head ass

      • Skor TheFuture

        You clearly can’t read. Otherwise you would have read my comment correctly cuz I’m putting ninja on and you would go read the manga like I said and see for yourself. Prince is still that boul. Anime is garbage like your analytical abilities.

  • Patrick Gray

    I don’t give a shit about what anyone els says. I just want those two chicks to get eliminated since they are the most annoying characters so far besides that bloody pink chick ribrianne

    • Kil’jaeden

      Go cry harder, what a loser are you.

  • patience dakik

    they should named them khalifa instead of kefla

  • d3rd3vil

    Well nice episode. Next one is gonna be damn good cause its Blue and Kaioken time again? That MUST mean the ultra instinct is coming back in 1-2 episodes has to be.

  • Валентин Хаманов

    I thought items were banned, what was that at the end??

    • WeedGetsMoreJailTimeThanRape

      Exactly what I just wrote, this show is becoming so stupid, like Bleach stupid

  • Dominik Haider

    @warx23:disqus Rottengraffty – 70cm Shihounomadobe

  • WeedGetsMoreJailTimeThanRape

    This show is becoming stupid, I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to use outside items in this tournament, @Akira Toriyama you’ve lost your mind, this show makes no sense, the power levels make no sense, stop forgetting everything you’re writing before, items are not allowed to be used so how can they use potara to fuse???

    • Orthanius

      I think it’s more like actual outside items and healing items. So long as you brought it in with you, it’s fine?

  • Vincent Pascal van Adrichem

    They broke the rule of taking items to the game. Z fighters weren’t allowed to use senzu’s right? why would they be allowed potara ring items then

  • Soqi

    kale is the broly female version, she can’t go further than 2nd form wich is called Legendary super sayian. that’s her final form, how it was to broly. broly ssj1 and the 2nd wich is legendary

  • MrSingle89

    Goku and Vegeta have that fusion connection boi I tell ya they know what it is. But seriously dbs we all want to see a full Toppo vs Vegeta fight. for some odd reason this fight was an omage to when goku and vegeta was fighting buhan and getting there asses kick and when buhan was going to deliver the final ki blast attack the fusion then happens.

  • Gaines Music

    song title- 70cm -ROTTENGRAFFTY

  • Jim

    Kale is stronger than gohan

  • Marcellkilla712

    at the absolute least this episode showed vegeta fight toppo for like 30 seconds

  • Marcellkilla712

    i’d rather have goku going ultra instinct again than gogeta/vegito fighting jiren

  • Marcellkilla712


  • Akaalis Aristorenas

    Back on Namek when Frieza was fighting Goku while he was still in his base form, Frieza was clearly displaying telekinesis when he used the planet’s rocks as projectiles against Goku.

    They should make Frieza here do the same thing considering all the huge and massive chunks of stage debris lying everywhere…

  • hightower26

    Judging by the power theyre emitting the fusion should only last a few minutes. just like when goku and vegeta fused against black.

    • Kil’jaeden

      I don’t think so. Vegito was also extremely powerful in his base form.. I think fused being shouldn’t putting too much stress on the fused body.

    • Rohan

      Vegeto Blue used an extremely powerful final kamehameha that drained all his potara power. Kefla hasn’t used something like that yet.

  • derppp

    what people seem to forget is that goku biggest problem is to never take the opponent seriously, to him a fight is fun and he would rather enjoy and see what the other can do, meanwhile the opponent is always going crazy to win the fight without the same compassion. you don’t see goku trying to rush a fight to push them off the stage he even said they fought well, thinking it was all they had, before the “final blow”. so yeah, anyone saying that they are too strong and annoying are annoyed for no real reason, if frieza decided to actually fight them instead of watching, we all know it would be over by now, but why not do like frieza and enjoy the fight and see how far these saiyan can go.

    btw you have to keep in mind that goku obtained his power fighting without a manual he just got them out of necessity, naturally. if someone was there along the way to explain how to use the saiyan energy.
    in the end they only got to super saiyan 2 (keep in mind she got broly’s power lvl ) and if they ever get to super saiyan god, they won’t surpass it without goku explaining how first, and goku will already be way over this lvl by then.

  • Droidboy

    How come potara wasn’t questioned as cheating the moment it was used by Beerus or anyone?

    It’s cheating according to the rules. Though, Zeno allowed it for Master Roshi.

  • hemonecrophagia

    the legendary super sayains unlimited power combined with super sayain 2, and they don’t seem to know the limits, so im assuming they will split apart after a few episodes.

    • hemonecrophagia

      sorry the limits of the potara’s

    • Kil’jaeden

      Vegito didn’t splitted apart in DBZ either.

      I think the reason why Vegito splitted in DBS is because he used SSJB. It probably wouldn’t have happened if he used SSJG or just SSJ3.

      Kefla is most likely fine in her base form.

  • YoungDarth19

    how dafuq can these amateur sayians compete with a super sayian god….am i missing something

  • Shahzaib Khan

    This is the first time I am commenting any thing about Dragon Ball Super. I liked this series very much I love every high and low moments. I never said anything before about these 3 new saiyans transforming with such ease and in a short time but this fusion is too much. I hate it so much that i have to give a comment about it. What the hell. Why are these two saiyan girls getting so much increase in power in such a short time. It does not make any sense. Its a tournament of power not a tournament of massive increase without any reason power. Man I hate this episode more than any thing.

  • Jesus Chirst

    Jesus Christ.. Goku has been Super Saiyan even before he fathered Gohan and he even fought to protect his friends/families many times from niggas like Frieza. Nigga even fought Beerus at 70% then you get these two bitches fighting on par with Goku.. Even the z fighter squad ain’t do Beerus like how them bitches did Goku.

  • hemonecrophagia

    for anyone confused on the sayain differences here,

    universe 7 sayain’s:

    bred warriors from a planet destroyed under unknown circumstances, who immigrated to the tuffle world, bred more warriors, than took over the planet naming it vegita. they werent very bright, in fact the only smart one was king vegita, they no longer had access to space travel, they were discovered by frieza’s race and were recruited to conquer other worlds and sell them. universe 7 sayains are huge, because they are not very intelligent, they are all brawn with no brains.

    universe 6 sayain’s:

    the exact opposite(or doppleganger) of universe 7 sayain’s, they still live on their original planet, had no need for extreme measures of breeding, technically universe 7 were the neanderthal of their race, while universe 6 has sayain’s closer to homo-sapiens(us), as can be seen from their physical differences. Kale is a lot more similar to gohan than goku and vegeta, if we look back gohan who is more frail and fragile reached SSJ2 before the rest of the sayains in universe 7, thus all universe 6 sayains are smarter than goku and vegeta and therefore once cabba obtained the SSJ transformation he was smart enough to give a proper explanation of how he does it, in other words goku was too stupid to give a proper explanation, while vegeta only focused on methods that involved maintaining his ego, im sure vegeta knew the easiest path all along, but didnt want to ruin his pride. after all gotenks and trunks achieved SSJ at birth, same as Broly, this seems to be related more towards a higher brain function rather than just mental and physical trauma. which in turn means that universe 7 sayains pass on their genetic traits on the first gen of off-spring.

    if GT had followed this pattern Pan would’ve been stronger than gohan(Maybe).

    so there you have it, universe 7 sayains are dumb and bulky, while universe 6 sayains are highly intelligent and technologically advanced.

    the one thing everyone here is overlooking is the earrings(potara) have a time limit so they will split after a few episodes, and goku knows this. that and each sayain is fighting their dopple ganger here, kale is broly, caulifila is goku, cabba is vegita. so this is the closest we will ever see to a broly and goku fusion.

  • Euhmm

    Weren’t items prohibited.. they can’t use senzu beans either.. plus those earrings aren’t really things they can generate themselves with their own powers…

  • Jose Fuentes

    non of this shit makes sense anymore lol. if sensu beans arent allowed, why are the portas? isnt it a tool? if they fused with the dance than that would be different but comon.

    • Euhmm

      Yeah exactly, my thought exactly..

  • Alexis Qurry

    It’s pretty reprehensible how some people will jump on someone because their first language isn’t english, as if that makes them stupid. Learning multiple languages is difficult, cut people some slack, rather than engaging in bullshit personal attacks like the ones you are claiming are so bad. :/

  • K A

    I hate the fact these 2 girls are even comparable to goku THATS FUCKING BULL FUCKING CRAP. They are so overpowered and that for me kills this tournament. So much progress in only around 25 mins? thats just taking the piss.

    • Kil’jaeden

      Of course they overpowered him, they used Potara fusion. Vegito rofl-stomped Buuhan as well in his base form, while Buuhan. While Buuhan is fusion between Mystic Gohan and Super Buu and bunch of others, those are all way more powerful than SSJ3 Goku.

  • Kil’jaeden

    Finally, fusion… it reminds me of Vegito vs Super Buuhan also Gotenks versus Super Buu.

    They are supposed to be strong.

  • Lucien Lachance

    am i the only one that love the female characters? These two sayian girls. while they are not martial artist. Their street fighting style is refreshing. I do agree everything came too easy for them though. I would have liked it better if there was more of a struggle for them to obtain super saiyin 1 and 2. As for Kale. I would have liked it better if she wasnt able to go legendary until much later in the fight but they rushed it for one last hype lol. At least the animation looked better. I still wonder how Beerus will feel when Champa is erased. Also, im interested in what Vados would say.

  • HackerMan322

    Too much Fan service can be intoxicating.
    *gets called a sexist*.

  • Rece

    IMO, it seems as though its cheating in a way. I mean if that’s the case, why didnt Goku and Vegeta do that a long time ago. Plus its an outside item used to amplify their power and give them an advantage. Soooo, why weren’t they allowed to use senzu beans? Kinda makes no sense to me.

  • Jon

    How come no one noticed the picture of Veggeto in the still when you play the episode 100% through?

  • SHADOW54312

    I knew something was up with that policeman, felt refreshing.. he’s replacing the great saiyaman

  • Carlos

    uhh Im pretty sure they are NOT allowed to use enhancing objects in this tournament. Otherwise Goku could bring a whole sack of Senzu Beans to the arena.

  • Aaron Soldier

    This show is trash, bad character development, retarded Goku, retarded Vegeta, bad animation, bad power scaling, just end the show already

  • dgoku

    If portaras are allowed… Well Jiren is as much of a problem as an ant is to Freeza.



  • Algnebe

    wait i thought fusion are not allowed ???!!!!???!!

  • Thatguy

    So honestly, the way i think about it is… Caulifa is incredibly strong in her base form prior to learning any super saiyan abilities. All of the original Sayains had to learn how to reach SSJ with no knowledge of it at all. Being as powerful is base form as the sisters are, all they needed to learn was how to transform. Being taught by Goku and Vegeta (via Cabba) its understandable that they could learn SSJ much faster than the originals.

  • wowlock

    Really ? Their base fusion can match SSG ? REALLY ? Not even Supersaiyan etc…just base ?

    Just bring Vegito in and one shot this abomination so we can actually get to the real Jiren fight, which was the best part.

  • Ronaldo

    Dragon ball super is becoming bull crap, giving too much power to other saiyajins is ridiculous they should fix and bring the power levels again, I wont watch this anime anymore. All fucking saiyajins will be goods after the tournament of power and the gods of destruction will be weaker than other warriors, just fucking bull crap. Good luck!

  • ‏‏

    Sigh, yet another Kale/Caulifa episode. I know this is Japanese but the characters really reek of fan service and SJW.

  • Ryon

    Goku+ Vegeta=gogeta 💯 next episode stay toned!!!!!

  • Phoenix Fire

    SSG shouldnt even have to block their attacks ffs even after fusing. They spent literally the whole Battle of Gods movie stressing the gap between mortals and Gods. Like i get that Berserker is basically just Legendary v2.0, but there is no way it should be that powerful. Honestly Beserker is just Broly but without any of the coolness.

  • Alex Renaud

    Aren’t these items? Why is it legal to use Potaras and not senzu beans??

  • ‏‏

    Sigh, yet another Kale/Caulifa episode. I know this is Japanese but the characters really reek of fan service and SJW.

  • These 2 newbies shouldn’t be this powerful even fused. I mean God Goku can’t do shit against them … sure…

    google xPhantom for a legit cs go advtantage

  • Ashish

    Well akira is just streching story i mean wow SS god and those girl made a god power look like fool in other ways it’s disrespect of gods! and that fusion is the worst thing in this tournament XD

  • Alex Mcculley

    when it says 0 timer on ep113 when it should be 115 coming out

  • Wafflepiezz

    what the fuck 114 is bullshit, they said no items are allowed in ToP lmao

    • Karol Chruzik

      Well rules are useless anyway. The king of the universe is a kid dictator. He (quite literally) is the law. I hope he dies in the end of saga.

  • Karol Chruzik

    ssj 2 warrior + ssj 2 warrior > warrior that beats god sayian in default mode?! Well this is beyond “power levels are bullshit”. this is gohan power level.

    Speaking of which, with his toriama nerf pls default mode equal to blue power level he can rush throught to super instinct and beyond in like 5 minutes tops and kick jiren’s ass easily. and if they lose his family will get erased. just pointing that out.

    • Bridgette A. Stowe

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  • Scrotie McBoogerBalls

    Sound is very bad