• Carlos Ramos

    audio guy please!!! I don’t want to hear you. I wanna hear the show… please thank you

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  • Lotto

    I want saiyans in suits. Idk what that commercial was, but I want it. Game DLC or something.

    • boag

      the classiest saiyans

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  • Kuroizu

    Horrible. The constant sound of the message app pop from wherever this person stole the video makes it unwatchwable.

    • Boi Boi

      you have to mute the chat somewhere on the right side of your screen (: the chat box

      • Lotto

        I always mute it and am still hearing it, so he may be right about it being the vid itself. Hopefully it won’t be long before the subs, and later a cleaner video.

        • Mike Paduani

          i logged in just to agree that message shit blew the whole video and it would not mute for anything

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    • SadLock9

      guys there is subtitles and just close the chat box. you won’t hear the sound it makes

    • Confused

      install ad blocker from your browser. That will fix your problem even in the other websites.

  • Derrick Francisco

    worst UI Transformation ever!

    • OkatakuTV

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      • OkatakuTV

        Watch Dragon Ball Super episode 115 full episode Online here! Copy Paste Link!

    • moku

      There is only 2 you fuckwit

      • Philip Deena

        he’s still right, you simp

        • Mali

          no he’s not,saying worst implies that there was at least 3 or more

          • Philip Deena

            no, thats what YOU are implying, he’s technically right… you simp

          • Mali

            ready to look stupid? the word “worst” compares THREE OR MORE things.worse is the word he should have used. so no he’s not technically right….you simp

          • SavageAF


          • Philip Deena

            The 1st one was better, period. I don’t have enough energy to argue with yo dumbass.

    • SDseb

      He was in a near life or death situation. He was about to get knocked out so of course he has to break his limit again. Please think about it before you just go crazy. Plus we get to see it again so that’s pretty cool as it is.

  • Richie

    I can’t wait to know what the hell they were saying

  • Wafflegeddon

    Private Content??

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  • Joey Ngambo

    lol of course. And Jiren….

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    • Kro


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    • Kro

      so people fucking watch it next week

      • The Legendary Troll

        we just waited 7 days to see this ish. Now we gotta wait 7 more days for UI? The tournament of power is starting to feel like its dragging on with no end

        • IronicTwist

          Welcome to Dragon Ball in a nutshell.

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  • Sonic13128

    Basically, Champa says that SSB>SSJ Kefla, which is insane to me, but reasonable. I cannot wait until Kefla gets defeated.

    • ATGShadow

      He was tired and yes it is reasonable. nods and anime anime!

  • Charles

    who is that guy before the into? lol

    • Kro

      thats me

  • Kro

    fuck kefla

  • Kro

    pm me for dbs spoilers and behind the scene sneak peaks and early episodes

    • boi

      hmu w them spoilers vro

  • jack

    this episode was a waste of time and I felt like they just wanted to drag this fight

    • The Legendary Troll

      they are dragging this arc. they need to end it and move on to a real villain. all the episodes are starting to look the same

      • Suika Nine

        Maybe they are dragging out the anime so the manga can surpass it? Toyotaro did say the manga would surpass the anime at some point.

      • Francisco Franco

        If you don’t like it stop watching.

      • Raiyuki

        It’s a dragonball series. If you expected fights to not be dragged out you’re either new to Dragonball or you’re holding false expectations from what’s been a very VERY consistent formula.

  • The Legendary Troll

    SMH blue couldnt beat her? foh. If she somehow matches UI Im finished with DBS. She should get knocked out within the first 10 minutes. and thats assuming Goku toys around with her for a bit

    • vasu108

      this episode spoiled my sunday mood

    • Bridgette A. Stowe

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    • Francisco Franco

      You do realize Goku’s stamina is beyond shit, right?

      • Droidboy

        Ha. And you conclude this, why?

        Goku said his stamina was shot so he couldn’t hold SSJ3. So then he went God. And then he went Blue, and then kai fist, and then ultra instinct.

        “Stamina” means fuck all you dumbshit.

  • Cj Odal

    Wheres the sub?

  • Nathan Spinifex Teale

    Worst.;…biggest copout episode ever. Literally no substance behind this transformation at all lol

    • Brian Richbow

      what do you mean no substance behind the trasnformation?

  • Matthew Anthony

    This arc just got really fucking stupid. Some dumb ass Super Saiyans who can barely go SS2 Fuse and overpower Super Saiyan Kaio Ken Goku THEN put up a fight against Ultra Instincts Goku? meanwhile WTF does Vegeta get?

    • Willian

      You are the stupid one mate. Transformations aren’t power level on its own, they are multipliers. Add on top of that that it is a green SS2 against Goku, multiplying from a fused character. AND on top of that Goku is still tired. Kefla will get recked next episode, no chance for her… thus Jiren will wake up again.

      • Mali

        “transformation are not power level on its own” one of the few people who seem to remember that lol.

      • Droidboy


        How can you follow this logic?
        You put all of these things together, showing how Kefla is stronger than Goku, and then you conclude that she will ultimately lose too Goku?

        No fucking logic mate.

  • wowlock

    Kefla might be one of the worst OP abominations of Dragonball history. I mean people think Vegito was OP as fuck but at least it had many explainations for why he was OP and even then, he could only last for so long because of the power it had. You are saying these barely SSJ2 rookies can match GOD KI and actually BEAT IT ? Fuck that.

    • SSJ3MJ

      Goku….is…not…at 100% you moron.

      Also, Frezia, Hit, Toppo, Jiren are proof you don’t need god ki to stomp SSJB.

      • Kerala Blaster

        It’s not about Goku being at 100%. These girls got the biggest push out of nowhere with zero build-up. Not even half an hour has passed in the tournament, and these girls are pulling out unheard power levels from their ass.

        • IronicTwist

          It’s a Potara Fusion. It’s not the first time we’ve seen it in this series….

          • Normy Haddad

            Did you guys remember back to the goku black arc?
            Merged zamasu who bodied goku and vegeta god BODIED by vegito. Even in the buu arc back in DBZ, vegito was turned into a SOLID CANDY and still was able to speak, move and attack. COnclusion: Potara fusion is OF AF

          • Droidboy

            I’m about the only one who mentions this fact. Vegito definitely was holding ground against Goku Black. Goku Black is stronger than Jiren.

            Vegito should be able to smoke Jiren like he’s nothing.

        • SSJ3MJ

          And yet Trunks was the same way. A 17 year old comes out of nowhere and beats a more powerful revived Frezia. Gee I didn’t know SSJ1 and SSJ2 was an unheard of power. You got me there.

    • Pure Shqiptar

      Totaly agree this is retarded even tough Goku has almost no stamina Super Saiyan God should still one shot Kefla. It’s just bad writing , the powerscaling is awfull It’s like they forgot how much Potara makes you stronger. They also forgot that Goku absorbed the God form in his base form wich means even Super Saiyan should one shot Kefla.

      • Droidboy

        Yeah I truly believe they “forgot” or just let it go.

        You know what else they forgot? They said nobody can fly in this tournament. Jiren is literally hovering. You’re telling me that he is stronger than the laws of physics employed in that universe by the Grant Priest? Yeah fucking right. They just forgot about that and act like it’s nothing.

  • Jack Flowt


  • Jack Flowt

    Finally the so long waited form: LIMIT BREAKER!

  • vasu108

    after watching this episode my feelings ::fuck,what the hell is this.they (the makers) wanna ruin this anime purposely.


      why is it because goku was defeated in ssbkk while he was at something than less than 40% stamina by the fusion kefla in ssj. she is meant to be overpowered why do you think they fused for a slight power up i think not and the fusion has acess to the infinite ki reserve of alegendary super sayian thanks to kale being a lssj

  • Anonymous

    5 minutes of recap

  • Aditya

    disgusting annoying cunts, do they plan to drag this fight to 4 more episodes?

  • kishan patel

    That gave me shivers.

  • SHADOW54312

    I didn’t like the episode, felt off. It was a necessary episode though.. Maybe all focus on next episode or summ..

  • Raiyuki

    Not exactly surprising but whatever. Wish we’d get to see more of Vegeta vs Toppo.

  • SSJ3MJ

    Bring on the butt hurt DBZtards.

  • Willian

    People dont realize that even Champa says that SSB is stronger than Kefla, but because Goku is still weakened from the previous fight he cannot unleashed all of its power.

  • 3litekiller dw

    FFS this shit is going to be stuck in my head for 7 fucking days

  • People be underestimating fusion heavily lmao

  • Abhishek Gogte

    I understand the drag is too much. But considering kale going berserk(over powering ssblue) mode their combination is sort of multiplied power. Imagine that. Goku was anyway exhausted. he would not have been defeated in blue, had he not fought with Jiren in the begining. Anyway such small plot in this episode. Sigh…!
    DOnt go Mad about the UI!

    • Droidboy

      Exhausted but can go God, Blue, and Ultra Instinct.

      Doesn’t sound like exhaustion at all to me.

  • Mi A Bloodclat Shotta

    All I can say is.. This episode has done it.. I quit trying to fucking wrap my head around power scales in this show, nothing makes sense anymore.. How the FUCK is it that amateur asspull SSJ kelfa can stand a chance against SSJB, SSJBK, and Ultra instinct??? Tf???? Jiren, the strongest guy there, was forced to actually fight because of SSJBK alone ..you’re telling me that kefla is strong enough to force Jiren to fight?? FUCK OUTTA HERE BRO! I quit.. I give up, I don’t care anymore, fuck power scales I’m just gonna turn my brain off when watching anything dragon ball related from now on smh

    • IronicTwist

      Actually, once Goku got to SSBKK, Kefla was having trouble. Getting hit by him even numbed her arms. She only managed to knock Goku down from a sneak attack, and that’s while Goku was running out of juice from using SSBKK. And on top of that, they **repeatedly** stated in the episode that Goku is still not back to full stamina. He’s weaker now than when he fought Jiren.

      • Mi A Bloodclat Shotta

        Liked I said, goku’s transformations are multipliers so that’s a bullshit attempt by the writers as an excuse.. That’s a plot hole

        • IronicTwist

          Yes they’re multiplers. A multiplied low stamina Goku would be weaker than a multiplied full stamina Goku….

          • Brian Richbow

            you go girl

          • Mi A Bloodclat Shotta

            One would think that base goku is x100 stronger than a regular SSJ..considering how strong he is when at full strength. So a weaker Goku still would wreck shit, unless he’s literally on 1%, which clearly isn’t the case right now because he literally just went through all his top transformations

          • IronicTwist

            What the hell do you mean by “stronger than a regular Super Saiyan”? Super Saiyan is a **multiplier**. Meaning it’s dependent on how powerful the person’s base is. Not every Super Saiyan is on the same level. Base Cabba was on par with Base Vegeta, which is why SS Cabba was nearly on par with SS Vegeta. Caulifla is noted to be stronger than Cabba. So obviously base Goku is not stronger than SS Caulifla.

          • Mi A Bloodclat Shotta

            When I say regular saiyan, I’m talking Trunks.. Goten .. They can go SSJ but they don’t do shit with it .. Their power levels aren’t god level. But I’m done bro lol I’m tired of defending this fucking show.. Fuck it..I’ll just sit back and enjoy the fights from now on, the writing is shit but at least the animation has been consistent for the past couple of weeks.. Peace✌

          • IronicTwist

            That’s because Goten and Trunks are much weaker than Goku and Vegeta at base…. You’re literally complaining about nothing.

          • Mi A Bloodclat Shotta

            Fuck off

          • IronicTwist

            Nice argument.

    • What do you expect to happen? For SSB Goku to just shrug off all of Kefla’s attacks as if they were flies? Dude he hasn’t even got all of his strength, and on top of that he’s still fighting two fused Saiyans. Back in Z, Buuhan would’ve destroyed both Goku and Vegeta seperately, but then they fused into Vegito and turned the tables completely. And as for Jiren, SSJBK surprised Jiren, and that’s it. It didn’t even take long for Jiren to beat it. I think you need to look into the fight more, cuz just because two people can both throw hands doesn’t make them equals.

      • IronicTwist

        People seemed to forget how much of an increased Goku and Vegeta got from their fusion. Super Buuhan had three people who were more powerful than Goku and Vegeta individually(Buu, Gotenks, and Gohan). Yet Vegito easily overwhelms Super Buuhan. But somehow Kefla is bs to people smh.

      • Mi A Bloodclat Shotta

        Honestly, 2 saiyans that just learned SSJ2? Fuck yeah I expect goku to shrug off their attacks, especially in SSG. If he can get his ass handed to him by SSJ kefla.. He can get his ass handed to him by SSJ gotenks aswell… Doesn’t make sense right? Exactly. Trunks Goten Cabba and those bitches from universe 6 are all in the same boat

        • IronicTwist

          It doesn’t matter how long they had the forms. They’re multipliers. Cabba at base was equal to Vegeta at base. Caulifla is noted to be stronger and more skilled than Cabba. Hence it shouldn’t be no surprise that she could keep up with Goku in a SS2 battle.

          Hell, Gotenks’ first use of SS3 was more powerful than SS3 Goku back in the Buu arc. You have a complaint about that too?

        • Bang Shishigami

          You have to remember that Cabba is roughly the same level as base Vegeta. Caulifla is stronger than Cabba, and Kale shouldn’t be that weak either. Goten and Trunks are nowhere near Vegeta and Goku base forms at this point, so Gotenks definitely wouldn’t stand a chance, while Kefla is definitely stronger.

      • Droidboy

        “Dude he hasn’t even got all of his strength…” but he can go God, Blue, and then Ultra Instinct?

        Yeeeeah. Stamina and all that is bullshit. They just write it so Goku is always going to win, which is fine. But don’t try to act like he has low stamina

        • Grommalom

          He doesn’t have to ” act like ” Goku has low stamina, they said it in the episode.

          • Droidboy

            Yeah and at the same time Goku showed that he didn’t have “low stamina” or at least the definition of stamina doesn’t actually mean anything.

            How can Goku be low stamina to not be able to hold SSJ3 while being able to go God, Blue, and Ultra Instinct?

  • Vedansh Shishodia

    Kefla reminded me of CESARO of WWE, when she spinning Goku..XD

    • IronicTwist

      Thought of that too XD

  • harley upshaw

    I’m sorry, but why? It makes no sense for goku to go ultra instinct here. The writing in DB has been bad but this is new heights of terrible.

    • IronicTwist

      He went Ultra Instinct because he ran out of power. That seems to be the trigger.

      • Orthanius

        Maybe a “survival instinct” too of some sort?

  • A Hopkins

    ULTRA INSTINCT + KAIOKEN , see it in the next episode of dragon ball Super !!!

  • Anthony Days

    Explanation- Goku isn’t at full strength after his fight with Jiren that only took place like 15 minutes before the fight with Kefla, and Kefla has only been fighting Goku for about 3-4 minutes and that is believable in reality she would only last 6-8 minutes if lucky.

    • Droidboy

      So then how do you explain Goku saying he cannot hold SSJ3, but he can hold God, he can hold Blue, he can get knocked out and wake up and instantly go into Ultra Instinct.

      Stamina doesn’t mean shit, it’s pretty obvious. They just say that word to make the fight look more intense, but it’s a fucking lie.

  • Trill

    Now I understand why DBZ didn’t have many female fighters. They’re annoying as hell!!!! She better be ELIMINATED by NEXT episode or I’m not watching for 4 weeks. FFs… next thing you know Goku will be fight Rebrianne in Ultra Instinct form.. OMG!!

    • 1. Android 18

      2. Videl

      3. Zangya (Non canon but still lmao)

      4. Fasha

      Those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

    • IronicTwist

      I guess you flipped your shit in DBZ when #18 beat SS Vegeta’s ass in the Android arc huh?

      • Trill

        I like 18.. she’s feminine but not ANNOYING. She doesn’t run her mouth like the Ginyu force or something… she’s a warrior. I respect 18. These saiyan women though… ugh.

  • ::Zero cool

    Goku is gonna kick her a** this time

  • Ashutosh Sharma

    Nice going DBS! years and years of core training and thousands of battles of son goku with extremely powerful transformations like ssj3 , ssj god , ssj blue x (kaio ken 10) which at some point even dismantles the pride of God of destruction beerus in a battle is not just enough to surpass two barely ssj2 bitches with no background story…

  • Anthony Days

    watch vegeta and goku fuse in one of the ending episodes,… its gonna be Gogeta SSGSSKKUI fighting Xeno cause Goku just loves wanting to get stronger, but come on sounds like an amazing idea for an episode right?

  • GogogAgito

    Califa and Kale are both exceptional saiyans when you compare them to the likes of Cabba, who is himself a decent fighter in his universe. Both of them have unique energy blasts and surely have power that is greater than any SS2 at the end of Z. Add onto that their compatibility and the huge power multiplier and you have a beastly fighter. I would argue that berserker Califa was getting close to super saiyan God level (red form) on her own. Add on to that fusion…. SSBKK wrecks but we see that he cant maintain it due to staminia. But for real, dont downplay the saiyan girls….they are among the strongest fighters in their universe.

  • Pure Shqiptar

    For the people defending the bad power scaling. It’s a complete disaster stop defending bad writing of the authors. I’m a huge Dbz fan and that’s why it triggers me everytime they state something they go against it. They stated many times that Goku aborbed Super Saiyan God in his base form yet here comes Fucking Kefla and completely shits on Goku. Tired or not Goku Super Saiyan 2 should be more then enough to deal with this. When Goku went blue I was mad but I was like atleast she will get defeated and we move on, but no they have to shit on everything the power scaling is a complete mess right now.

  • Donnie Cariker

    This episode was done stupid. Remember Goku Red is just under Beerus. The Quadrant Kais, suck as King Kai, have the power of the Potara and they are way below Beerus. Them making it where Kefla can stand against Goku Red is a complete joke especially against Goku Blue. Also the if they’re going to allow the use of them anyways than Krillan needs to go on and give Goku and them some Senzu Beans.

  • SSJBlack

    Ya’ll weren’t mad when Vegito matched Buu when he was fused with everyone and they mommas though.

  • Deathragruel

    if you dont enjoy it then dont watch it

  • Parth

    I am really excited for the next episode!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dimetric

      Me too

  • Notes

    An unpopular opinion i kinda like Caulifa, Kale is kinda annoying…. however
    Saiyans are suppose to learn fast it’s in there nature, people saying shes getting a free ride when shes simply being taught.

    Goten turned SS1 at age 7 with no real reason behind it, after fusing with trunks they became SS3 completely skipping 2.

    Gohan turned SS2 versing cell completely surpassing his father (granted this was anger triggered transformation) he was literally a child before that arc and didn’t even have the ability to turn SS1.

    Ontop of that Kale is essentially Broly’s parallel, universe 6’s Legendary Super Saiyan so shes bound to be somewhat powerful.

    It’s clear that when 2 people Petora fuse they become exponentially stronger, take Vegito for example. the power he had when fighting buu was only SS or SS2 not even SS3 despite Goku having the ability to transform into SS3, its a fair assumption to know they could have, as with Gotanks none of them could even go SS2 yet they somehow achieved SS3

    Finally i shouldn’t need to mention it. but Goku isn’t fighting 100% and is recovering

  • Akshit Arora

    Me: *Sees Ultra-Instinct Goku* OHHH FUCK NOO!!!

  • Wafflepiezz



  • Jose Lopez

    4:25 tho :O

  • disqus_udVprma5Nb

    if goku even gets touched by kelfa in UI next episode im not watching this shit

    • saq

      yah someone said that hes not gonna watch the dbs if goku gets beaten in king kai blue form

    • Radical Vision

      Don`t forget that the 2 b1tche$ are fuset with potara in SS2 form, and specially the Kale one have Broly green type of berserk ultimate power, that is insane amount of power, still they are little overrated, BUT the point many missing is they did use to see kakarot and vegeta turning in SS2, SS3 and SSB, so they did have some experience only by looking and observing, and some little tips, while back in DBZ NO one did tell Kakarot how to turn into SS, and no one did ever show him that form, he did discover by himself SS, SS2, SS2, SSB and more… There is the point many people missing, the universe 6 saiyans did got to see SS from other saiyans, while Kakarot did not have even a clue about SS + kaluifla is natural talent that learn fast, while kale is broly in women body with insane amount of power from the start, think of her and broly like Frieza total psychopaths that are natural born way stronger…

    • Manuel

      Cool story.

  • Yasonanda Kishore

    goku taking so much time for little chicks…uhhhhhhh

  • Ikki

    You’re all dumb and can’t see how Akira it’s using these characters and u call your selves db fans…… Goku it’s using those two girls as his training in order to learn how to control UI he knows he only got it against jiren by a fluke but now he’s starting to get a hang of if by pushing him self against these girls….. he’s been training them from the start to make them his punching bag n test his power n further his and theirs powers
    If u all remember dbz every time a sayan goes as far as an inch of his dead and then recovers and heals his injuries their power grows exponentially that’s how they get to be so strong; that’s y goku and vegeta always push them selves to the limit
    Goku it’s always thinking on how to learn and handle and the limits of every power up he gets n once he master it then goes as far as to combine them in order to create a better version

  • Yea she is done its not possible for her to beat him in the UI form.

  • The Legend27

    Jiren waking up from his meditation to goku and kefla going at it is like a parent being disrupted while sleeping and waking up to his kids fighting over sweets

  • Knuckles

    Goku has played smart here by going to UI form with his will..this will not drain his stamina since it’s an ability. Secondly , Kefla is history and everyone else after explosion it’s jus jiren and goku in the end

    • The Legend27

      Im pretty sure it was subconciously as stated in the next episode preview by goku and you first said UI form then said its an ability?
      Roshi said its a form in this episode and it runs out of stamina and power so it is a form not an ability
      I see why you think its an ability but it makes no sense

      • Knuckles

        Goku was exhausted before UI Ability ( At the fight w/ Jiren) but still he was able to achieve UI ability cause of his will to live and which was triggered by him when saw spirit bomb and thought his end was near…No stamina needed for this UI ability all u need is training ( which he got from the Whis ) and Will power ( easy for saiyans especially like GOKU ).

        • The Legend27

          Dude you must be blind whis said the spirit bomb was his power source for his depleted body UI Is not AN ABILITY its a form
          All the magazines and releases from toei said that goku will get a new form not a fucking ability

        • The Legend27

          Goku is exhausted right?
          How did he have the power then in his base form with this UI ability you are saying to compete with jiren?
          Like his punches even though he had ultra instinct in his base should be nothing then right? His hair should be black but in fact has become more grayish like mystic gohan
          His eye color has changed
          His power has increased and you still say its an ability ?
          You go shove your UI ABILITY right up your ass

  • The Legend27

    My favourite part is the last 5 minutes

  • Deus Tataming

    When u see jiren got triggered from goku’s ultra instict makes me so hyped for the next episode

  • Reuben D. Spiteri

    Well Kefla…

    It was nice knowing you.

  • The Legend27

    I wish my will to study is as strong as gokus will to fight

  • Mladen Jambrović

    When universe 4 was talking about the potara fusion I could have sworn that she ment Rebreanne and the other one, and then I saw that gizer and fought wtf haha

  • Jose Lopez

    11:23 good view 🙂

  • The Legend27

    jirens mistakes:
    1. Letting goku get enough energy for the spirit bomb
    2.Leaving goku on the stage after defeating him
    3. Starting to meditate knowing that goku is still on the stage
    -Or jiren knows gokus full potential and really wants to fight him so he is giving him time to recover and he might be even training him as jiren too is a martial artist

  • Romeo

    Im sorry but, even with the universe 6 saiyans growth rate, they should not be able even be able to trade blows with super saiyan god form, let alone blue or UI. This is so bullshit.
    the pair of them is basically as strong as Goku and Vegeta in the Buu saga before they fused to become Vegito. Even if they are a bit stronger then Goku and Vegeta at that stage, they have only been super saiyans for let say 1month, the time line for super is less but lets give them the benifit.
    Goku and Vegeta were Super Saiyan for about 10 years, still training by the Buu Saga, you want to tell me fused, Vegito was capable of taking on Beerus, as the Super Saiyan god form was capable of drawing arguably 50-70% of Beerus’s Power.

    This Power Scaling is so messed up, its screwing up the hole reason for watching the show!

    • Anonymous

      Nah! its mostly Kale`s energy contribution to this fusion. She had undergone that berserk transformation twice and both times we have been shown Goku`s, Vegeta`s, Toppo`s and Jiren`s reactions. Goku and Vegeta might have been interested because of her unusual super saiyan form but Topo and Jiren wouldn`t bother at all if it weren`t near SSJG.

      • Martin Tóth

        Yes,it must have been cause of Kale power. When she had full stamina at the start of tournament-in Berserk form- she almost beaten SSGSS Goku. In this way fusion with
        Caulifla must have been insane.
        Plus if we count with their potential,that Caulfila shown against Goku (fastly mastering SS2, moving like Goku [same attack don’t work on her twice]) they could be this hard.
        Maybe if Goku had full stamina,he may hold them in SSGSS Kaikone20*… But only maybe.

    • Makoto

      Dragonball Saga ALWAYS have power scaling messed up. Since 90s when i was used to watch DB. So stfu, just dont watch it.

    • Milan Babic

      Exactly. It’s like creators wants to show everything at once. I understand that they are special/unique in their own way but its a bit much. If Ul Goku keeps struggling with them and give his all i don’t know from where he will drew his power to fight Jiren and how the creators will make this anime/fights even more interesting in the future.

    • Mr. Wyatt

      The way creators are doing it, its like Goku’s years of training equals to an hour of saiyan brats from another universe. Kale is no where near Broli(the legendary super saiyan) even in her berserk mode. How could 2 amateur brats make it up to Goku, this is too much. The way Kefla is being presented, Vegito or Gogeta should be somewhere near Omni-sama!

      • d3rd3vil

        SSJ2 Caulifla AND legendary Sayjan Kale together didnt stand a chance against SS God Goku so that was abolutely ok. Everyone wants to see these damn fusions all the time….thats just what happens. Too much power. Fighting a fusion is a problem thats just the way it is.

    • JUSTAnAdvocate

      Actually…Cabba in his base form kept up with Vegeta’s base form (post acquiring of SSB), and the same in his SS forms. This would mean that his base form is stronger than Buu.
      If Caulifla and Kale are to be put anywhere near Cabba, than whether we like it or not, their BSS and SS2 forms keeping up with a little bit of a worn down SS2 Goku makes more than enough sense. Them keeping up with SSG is fine. SSB can slide.
      Ultra Instinct, though. No. That is inexcusable. If you make enough people to be strong enough to take on the new form, you quickly normalize it. However, up until that point, this makes sense in terms of power scaling. Also, don’t forget, Goku isn’t 100% like Caulifla claimed she was a before thsi round 2 with Goku, so again, MAKES SENSE.

      0h, one more thing; Beerus lied to Goku about their fight. He didn’t try anywhere near as hard as he claimed. The reason for this being that SSBKK x20 wasn’t even stronger than Beerus, whereas if Beerus was telling the truth, than Goku would’ve surpassed him several times over with just x10.

    • Michael Borean

      How long did it take Gohan to get SS2 exactly? Oh, right. Very, very little time actually when you think about it. Saiyans train fast, how are you not used to this yet.

      • Radical Vision

        Some of them are natural talented like kaliufla she learns really fast, while kale have broly ultimate super saiyan green power…

        • Michael Borean

          One has the true super saiyan, and we have LITERALLY, two super saiyans otherwise from that universe. For a total, of THREE. In a universe ostensibly filled with saiyans. Yet people are complaining that U6 got SS way to easy. Trunks and Goten barely did anything for their power ups. God knows Gohan didn’t actually do much for his.

          • Radical Vision

            Yep specially Goten and SS3 transformation so easy was retarded, as they are kid, and we never saw Gohan doing that or even vegeta total bullshits and crap…
            Yhatever kakarot`s new UI form seems to be more then insane, as he is in his normal state, guess what will happen when he turn into UI SS, and UI SS2 will be x2 more stronger and faster, UI SS3 will be about x4 times stronger, not to mention UL SSB + King kai x20 lol Jiren will be in trouble….
            Of course kakarot need to master firs the UI and later the UI + SS…..
            But in the end kakarot maybe will be the new G.O.D. lol…
            I like they did bring back the broly type of SSB (Super Saiyan berserk or SS green…) still in SSB kakarot rekt them all, even when they are fused that SSB is hell strong, and was so strange to see that Jiren guy to be so many times more powerful then SSB + KK x20 insane, now UI will even the odds…

    • Menacing~~~

      What makes it worse is that it hasn’t even been months. It’s been like 2 or 3 days since they learned SSJ.

  • sfjdgk

    complete bullshit !

  • sfjdgk

    complete bullshit ! !

  • sfjdgk

    complete bullshit ! ! !

  • sfjdgk

    complete bullshit ! ! ! !

  • Luis Rivera

    Ultra Instinct startup sound signature.
    Episode 110 – 11:19
    Episode 115 – 20:33
    Freaking awesome!!!!

  • Son Goku Sama

    23:22 ….So hyped….
    Bring it on….

  • Talha Khalid

    I really liked this episode. watched it twice. I don’t know why people are complaining. Enjoy the show. Enjoy the fights.

  • Nasio

    So you are telling me Kefla is as strong as Berus, if not stronger, and she can beat SSB Kaioken Goku ? And SSG Goku, who drained 70 % of Berus power, is no match for Kefla ? So basically, when Goku and Vegeta fused in the buu saga (potara fusion) they where as strong as Berus ? Thats the biggest bullshit i’ve seen in this anime so far, a fusion between 2 super sayins taking on Goku Ultra instinct in the next episode, wtf Toriyama.

    • d3rd3vil

      That SSG 70% story is absolutely bullshit. The fact of the matter is SS God is nothing against the gods or Jiren for example. Even SS Blue seems to be nothing a we’ve seen against Jiren….absolutely NOTHING.

  • Anonymous

    Its mostly Kale`s energy contribution to this fusion. She had undergone that berserk transformation twice and both times we have been shown Goku`s, Vegeta`s, Toppo`s and Jiren`s reactions. Goku and Vegeta might have been interested because of her unusual super saiyan form but Topo and Jiren wouldn`t bother at all if it weren`t near SSJG.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone was pissed off at the idea of Caulifla becoming SSJ3. Well, thanks to the fusion that won`t be happening any time soon. Her fight with Goku was to reveal her as a good martial artist rather than a simple brawler who can serve to control energy from Kale`s berserk form upon fusion.

      • ZZZ

        I agree. Even if Broly himself were introduced in this storyline for the fist time at this point, his transformation woud have been stronger than SSJ3 or may equal to SSJG to keep up to the hype. I mean what`s the point of introducing a unique transformation equal in power to SSJ2 (as depicted in films) when every saiyan in the tournament can turn into one.

  • paybackwestwick

    Oh come on. Goku really needs this transform to beat Kaefla? Shes a freakin 12yr old kid without 0 experience, those guys in Japan thinking with what? Tell me why still fighters like Goku waiting after some big shot? Go grab Kaeflas face when shes on the ground and drop her out.. for god sake.

    • d3rd3vil

      Didnt you see Goten and Trunks in DBZ? SSJ3 as little SSJ1 kids fighting Super Buu without a problem…..you people dont remember how the fusion story started???

  • baba

    it’s just not possible in couple minutes that kefla manage every powerlvl, really weird that blue was not strong enough , yep they fucked up

  • unknown

    I miss the good old days when reaching a SS level was an accomplishment. Now all you gotta do is get a tingling feeling in your back and BAM your 10 times stronger. Universe 6 saiyans are bullshit. Im sick of all the screen time Kefla is getting. Im all for stretching out this show but these episodes just piss me off. Its all for merchandise, DLC or whatever… if Kefla doesnt get far then their shit wont sell well. Kaio Ken Blue? No problem. One swift kick to the head should turn him into jello. But wait! After barely standing up, Goku went maximum strength again for the heck of it. None of this makes sense!! He should have had an easy time in Blue form. Im with disqus_udVprma5Nb… if Kefla even lays a finger on Goku, im done…. At least until the following episode 😀

  • hemonecrophagia

    dang I was hoping to see frieza fight

  • Akil Ankh

    are you all even following the storyline.. do you all even lift? you guys try doing what goku is doing to find that strength from within to go blue before he should! on top of it being just minutes after he fought jiren.. it amazes me people complain for any little thing! first people complain about it taking 10 episodes for one move power up.. now they complain about too much action happening too soon! just ask yourself what happened just 5/6 episodes ago… beerus AND champa are telling us that goku still hasn’t gained all of his stamina back to even go kaioken blue, so for goku to go toe to toe with kefla to me is astonishing! you guys are underestimating the fused powers of the legendary saiyan within kale n the rare raw special ability of caulifla! she’s universe 6’s goku.. it’s not like cabba is this mighty! c’mon guys, just relax n watch where this is going to go like the fanboys we are n stop trolling! the show wouldn’t be interesting if there was no progression to goku’s power or anyone’s power for that matter! ultra instinct goku will make good work of kefla…..

    • d3rd3vil

      Yeah its true he is fighting them without his full recovered power so its all good. Ultra Instinct has to crush them though no doubt about it 🙂
      Unfortunately he will probably lose his powers afterwards again and then we can wait another 5-10 episodes for Goku vs. Jiren….I hate it.

      • Akil Ankh

        lmao! that’s a fact

  • d3rd3vil

    Well pretty good episode. That Ultra Instinct is goddamn amazing. Next episode is gonna be the killer 🙂 But Gokus stamina….man he cant fight Jiren like that, how can he recover?

  • Jens Ingels

    This episode pretty much confirms Ultra Instinct Vegito. They could still do a plot twist by doing the fusion dance to get Gogeta or universe 6 gives them the potara after they are destroyed. Add least a senu bean should be involved add some point.

  • Louisiana

    I think vegeta know about the UI and prolly and gone learn to activate it like goku then they may fuse through finger and 17 and 18 gone fuse with the potaras and they gone fight jiren in the final battle lol

  • Matej mesarič

    Looks like SS blue is only a color change.

  • Raditya

    The growth of super saiyan level in Super is just weird. But to put this to rest we can say that Goku is tired as hell after the Jiren fight, pushes his limit to go SSB. Kale has that Broly legendary super saiyan which can sustain Kamehameha from SSB previously, while Kaulifla is kinda like a genius (vegeta). Maybe those saiyans in U6 are just way more pure compare to U7 since the Sadal planet still exist.

    If you think about it when Vegito first came out, they beat up Majinbuu that already absorbed most of Z fighters including super Gohan after that crazy old man’s dancing (which that Gohan is most probably way stronger than Super Saiyan 3).

    Even the likes of Gotenks (which only consist of two underage kids with limited of traning can overcome Evil Buu easily. If they were not to run out of time and split early, they wouldve destroyed Majibuu there.

    However, they way I see this is that simply because Goku is out of stamina, so his Blue from way weaker than before. Plus Kefla is like fusing Vegeta and Broly together. That will create some kind of super monster.

    I guess fusion can create a really really really strong fighter.

    The way I see it the strongest fighters in DB ever existed currently are in this order

    Grand Priest
    Vegito Blue
    Goku Super Instinct
    Zamasu (fused)
    Vegito Super Saiyan
    Goku SSB
    Vegeta SSB
    Super Buu (after absorbing gotenks, super gohan, picollo, etc)
    Golden Freeza
    Kid Buu
    Majin Buu

    and the rests…

  • Ronuel Abayan

    who is that guy in the intro?

    • Trixxster

      He is a japanese sanger and sings the DBS intro as far as i know.

  • SHADOW54312

    4:45 Kefla sees goku hitting on her. She replies with, “Don’t fall for me”

    • ThatGuy984

      seriously…?Goku is not one to flirt he was simply complimenting her fighting skill

  • Karma

    jiren woke up like “MY OPPOSITION HAS CAME BACK”

  • d3rd3vil

    The comments have been deleted or what?

  • Akaalis

    That is the absolute WORST DEPICTION of Vegeta’s knee and legs that I’ve ever seen at 6:28. Those things look like phukin tennis balls for god sake.

    I really miss that classic more detailed DBZ artwork. These people are just friggin lazy.

    • Droidboy

      Lol? The shape of his kneecaps is what really ticks you off?

      BTW the old animations weren’t more detailed. They actually were less detailed and less quality.

      • Akaalis

        Well I was pointing out a single specific instance that is part of an overall inadequacy in some of the DBS artwork.

        Also, you should take a look at the striations and details of Vegeta’s physique when he was up against semi-perfect cell…. big difference…

        Lastly I am not talking about animation. I am talking about artwork which aren’t necessarily the same, although they ARE intertwined and inseparable aspects…. !!

    • Scrotie McBoogerBalls

      Oh no! What a disaster!

      Fuck off outta here.

  • Ma-Kasu Kuraido

    i’m tired of seeing these bitch saiyans nobody likes them like fr they are so annoying

  • Majin

    You guys do realize one of those “barely SSJ2 girls” is someone with overwhelming power like Broly right? Ya know, the guy who just drew more power the angrier he got?? Stop tryna hate on the arc, if you’ve watched past DBZ than you should understand why almost everything is happening lol.

  • Majin

    On top of Goku getting his face blown off by jiren😂😂

  • ‏‏

    Fan service-y Mary Sue’s.

  • Saiyan

    I wonder how much time they have wasted in all the episodes added together of them focusing in on Zeno sama saying something annoying like “How exciting”, “How exciting” ….”So cool”, “So cool”….etc…

  • James Deveaux

    Yet another episode where nothing makes sense. They just say “Fuck it!” and put an episode out.

  • Marcel Ebert

    Goku: “Her power and speed are far greater then when she was two people!”

    Well duh! You know what a Potara Fusion is like, you goddamn knucklehead. You did one with Vegeta yourself! Seriously, it’s as if the writers feel the obsessive need to spell everything out for the lowest common denominator in the audience. >_>

    • Voice of reason

      For people who are watching super and never watched the previous seasons. Plus GT is not official dragon ball. get your shit straight. stop complaining. Don’t like it? Don’t watch. Simple as that

      • P Flo

        Potara fusion was performed int he Buu saga, not GT, when vegeta and goku fused to become Vegito. But it has been well over a decade since Z so I would expect some explanation at least for the newer audience, especially considering it is styled in modern shonen anime and not in Z era shonen styling. Stop shitposting pls

        • Newbie123

          It happened at a more recent time than just the Buu saga, Goku and Vegeta did one against Merged Zamasu (loved that fight, hated Trunks for stealing the kill though…)

          • P Flo

            The person Im replying to implied that potara was introduced in GT.

          • d3rd3vil

            But did they also talk about how the fusion multiplies their power during the Zamasu arc? Zamasu and Black fused so did Goku and Vegeta. But did they talk about the power multiplier? Cant remember…..if not then there you have it.

      • Marcel Ebert

        @Voice of reason:
        Your comment was decent for the first sentence, and you made a valid point… people who did not watch Dragonball Z’s Buu Saga beforehand wouldn’t know about the way the Potarra’s work. I hadn’t considered the fact that Z is actually really old by now.

        Anyway, you should have stopped there, because everything afterwards doesn’t make you sound like a “Voice of reason” and more like a “Voice of an overreacting butthurt fanboy”.

        I never once said anything about GT… to quote you yourself… “Get your shit straight”.
        And “Don’t like it, don’t watch it” is one of the most idiotic replies people can come up with… how am I supposed to know if I like a series/episode or not, before I watch it?

        But really, it’s my own fault. Posting a comment on a series which is known to have produced one of the most toxic fanbases ever to see the face of the earth… I should have known better.

  • The Legend27

    I like it how champa isn’t even cheerin for the namekians

  • The Legend27

    Can’t wait to see the reaction of the other gods at goku transforming to ultra instinct for the second time

  • The Legend27

    Judging from the preview of 116 jiren does not even look surprised when he oppens his eyes.. could he have been waiting for goku to regain UI?

    • JC

      I’m willing to bet this is why he hasn’t already mopped up everyone else. Goku’s really the only one that got him to move and get remotely interested in actually fighting.

  • ★彡

    I’m bored someone start a fight on how bad graphics are in super

  • ‏‏

    The only thing which flows through Kefla is Mary Sue and fan service syndrome.

    • Chivalry123

      did no service to me at all. everyone, even the Z fighters are 100x stronger than they were in Z. For no reason other than to compete.

  • Justin

    Is no one going to comment on the blonde Gohan at the beginning?



  • Shendu

    to bad it’s bad story when these 2 girls went from regulair form all the way to this fusion form in the lifespan of 30 ish minutes…

    • Taylor

      Yeah, wait a minute. WTF. I call BS on that.

  • Olivia Lailasari

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    • nyuu

      that’s nice and all but most anime are only 720p any higher is just upscaled and the difference is minimal at best

  • Scotch

    Get goku the fuck out of here for a little. We don’t get to watch anyone fight but him