• Sunil Narine

    where is the episode 41 ?

  • Martin2603

    Quality rip is very poor, learn something about ripping.
    It’s far away from HD (720p) pixelated mess.

  • DellIntel

    English dub now isnt as good as dbz was, it’s a shame



  • Niggerfaggot

    Content Rejected

  • ‏‏

    Ugh, those unfunimation aholes, they already delayed the episodes too many times and now they go and do this with the content rejection.

  • Peter Grimmond


  • ‏‏

    Super’s idea of a god is just plain ridiculous but it’s no different from real religion’s ideas of god either. The true god would be beyond humanities comprehension and understanding.

    • David Rice

      If we can understand the concept of something being beyond our understanding, then we can at least understand something about it. Similar to how you can know you don’t know something. There can be a concept you don’t understand, but knowing there is something to be understood is actually the first step to understanding. In a way, we can understand anything to a certain degree.

  • Queen Kezia Permata

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  • Alen


  • GamerMax MC5/UT

    the normal dragon balls were made only and ONLY for earth but the super ones were for both universes or for SPACE?

    • El Smosh

      dragon balls were made for namekians using bits of the super dragon balls i believe, then the earth ones are made by a namekian


        I think you are right